Casian Podianu

Progress through a degree in Architecture

By living in 3 different countries by the age of 14, I have grown an interest in learning about different cultures and traditions; different art and architecture which gives a society its personality and identity. Studying Art GCSE and A-Level, I have grown an interest in drawing and sculpting, understanding how each component merge together to create a form.

Studying at Westminster was a roller-coaster of emotions and learning new skills and practice them every day to become a better version of myself. Each project that I have undertook over my four years of study shaped my knowledge and architecture language that I have a passion about and I would like to research and practice for the future.


Within every project I gained a different vision over architecture, and each design helped me to see the world from multiple angles, understanding how to progress in the future and how to design and experiment.


I am aware that my journey has only began, and over the years to come I am hoping the best for my architectural career where I can practice and experience new things every time.