A House for a Set Designer

Year 1 Semester 2

The project's site is an old storage area near the Dalston Theatre in London. The idea is to create an accomodation for a set designer who works at the theatre. The brief also includes a living space as well as a working area that brings the community of the area together. 


1:100 Model made out of laser cutted Cardboard

The Arcola Theather works along with the set designer Jan Pappelbaum for a long time collaboration.


The set designer needs a residence for living and working on his project for the Arcola Theatre. Jan Papplebaum is an ex architect student who now designs play sets which along with the whole Auditorium of the Theatre. His princples of designing includes massive detailed sets, use of shadows and natural elements.

he site is a big squared area of 370 squared meters which is currently used as a storage space from the Arcola Theatre. Right next to it there is Dalston’s Eastern Curved garden, which is an ideal place for exhibitions and shows, but also for a quiet and relaxing place. Overall the site presents a unique area in Dalston which is full of contrast between modern and traditions.

Model Interior

The project concept is to create a private residence for Jan Pappelbaum close to the Arcola Theatre due to his collaboration. Rooms need to have a tall ceiling due to the client’s height. Addittionally, the project includes a teaching area for people who want to become a set designer but they cannot afford it. Here Jan Pappelbaum can teach them his experiences and what it take to create a set for any play.

• Private living space for Jan Pappelbaum;

• Working studio where he can create his designs;

• Semi-public where Pappelbaum can teach other people how to become a set designer;

• Small theatre to test designs and plays;

• Environmental friendly buiding;

• Storage area for key plots of plays;

• Exhibition space of his work;

Model Interior
Model Interior
Elevation from the main street

Elevation from the main Street

Section A

Section A through the Structure

Section B

Section B through the structure

First Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan