Utopian Vision of Suburbia

Year 2 Semester 1

An imaginative project where the idea is to combine nature with technology for a better future. Both cannot exist without each other as these elements are connected between each other and they work more effectiely together rathen than separated.

The Project intends to merge these worlds with the use of architecture.

Initial Concept Sections

Concept Section

Initial Concept Design

The Utopian vision is based on an Aquaponic System greenhouse and a restaurant which provides food for locals, using the fish and the plants which grow in the ecosystem of the project.


I believe, that its symmetric aspect, along with its natural purpose and contrast, gives the visitors a mesmerizing beauty.


The Vision is meant to mistify viewers from the road, as due to its height would be slightly visible over the exiting buildings. The entrance is meant to be an artistic bridge to the ecosystem showing the traditional 4 materials filtration system of water.


Overall, the vision is meant to be a honest and artistic interpretation of the aquaponics system took to its full potential and beauty.

Concept Plan


Ecological Section


The clients are a family made of 3 generations who want to use the 3 adjacent properties with the purpose to create an aquaponics system to provide Ingredients and a Restaurant for locals within the area.


They would love the area to be a full Ecosystem, where people can do multiple activities for any ages.


Kids can play and learn how an aquaponic system works, while elderly people would have space to relax and Enjoy the atmosphere.


What cannot be made in the aquaponic system will be bought from the adjacent neighbours.

Ground Floor Plan


Side Elevation


Front Elevation


Roof Plan