The Market of Curiosities

Year 3 Semester 1

Within the first semester of third year, the project was based on designing a building that acts as a third teacher for children from the age to 5 to 10. The building was supposed to teach them about the environent and the community that they are living in. 

I chose to focus on recycling and on the idea of making and giving back to the community and towards the people in need.


The proposal is based on the idea of community sharing, where children, parents and locals can bring interesting objects, or things that they do not need; for donating them to the school. Children will then be able to recycle them and create different things within the space I am designing. Therefore, the community will be able to buy these objects or receive them in case of needs in the Gingerbread market made by the school during weekends or outside school hours.

Requirements for the proposal:

• Classroom space

• Storage space for objects

• Market Space divided in different Section;

• Section for children (Toys, books, school           materials);

• Section for donation (Clothes, food)

• Section for handmade objects (Recycled objects)



Additionally, the most suitable area for locating my proposal is on the main road as it can also act as a gateway to the playground of the school for the children and add to the street architecture of the area.

Montage of Proposal


Section of Proposal


Ground Floor Plan of Proposal


Project Concept