The “Machine” of interdisciplinary construction and making

Year 3 Semester 3

This is an invitation to appreciate and understand the ephemeral beauty of construction and making; all those entities that make its presence possible and then lie hidden, vanish, or are removed. This is a call to acknowledge even more or less transitory components and events present or implied in the construction process. The school will help its students to understand the process of making and will allow them to test in real life the theories learned in architecture by building for the community around them. The school is a machine of exchange, a living structure made of steel, constantly full of activities and interaction between students, the community, and experts in architecture. The Structure itself is meant to act as a teacher, as students can observe its components and how it is built; while testing new ways to build in a constantly changing space, design to fit the needs and expand the imagination of everyone interacting with it.

Short Elevation showing the carbon fibre bridge being build.

We are currently living in a new world, affected by a Global Pandemic, where the reality and the things we used to consider as normal, are constantly changing or adapting to a new way of living. Even if Covid-19 will be controlled and contained, our lives will not be the same anymore; and some effects that the global pandemic caused, will remain in the future, and will continue to influence the day-by-day life.

Therefore, the methods of teaching that we considered normal must change as well, adapting to a new world, and to newer minds, breaking the box. Architecture was a linear process, starting from the school benches and learning from imaginary briefs how to design and create. Moving then towards a practice where you learn the big real part of architecture; whereas multiple students might find themselves confused or overwhelmed by the reality in the world of architecture.

ASA (Applied School of Architecture) aims to teach architecture in a more balanced way between theory and practicality. The school aims to be an applied on-going working site which continually changes and develops over time as new construction methods and requirements will be necessary for years to come. The Applied School of Architecture aims to be a semi-permanent space that students will build, helping them learn the theory of architecture and applying them in real life and understanding how everything connects.


The school will be run by an architecture practice and a project management team that will guide and act as mentors towards the students, helping them throughout the process of learning architecture; and aiding them to become better architects for a better future.

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Spatial Diagram - Copy.jpg
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Ground Floor Plan.jpg
Montage 50 Years.jpg

50 Years from now technologies might evolve. New ways to build and create will adapt the way we approach towad the theory of construction and architecture itself. Within 50 years we might not need people to build our designs. We might not require humanity to risk their lives on construction sites in order to complete dangerous tasks. The applied school of architecture wil continue to grow and change, adapting to modern technologies and innovations. Within 50 years, the school’s structure may become the machine itself, and students may be able to control the school from distance in order to build and design their project. The structure is a living machine, which is powered by people, and works around people in a balanced microcosm for a better future, where technology, humanity and the nature will co-exist in a more efficient manner.